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AMERIKAS AUTO has been operating successfully since 1992. This is the oldest of such companies in Latvia and in its lifetime has gained recognition and trust from clients such as "Parex", the US Embassy, ​​"Brīvostas Pārvalde", "Kalnozols", "Latvijas Gāze", etc.

We offer:

    New - Car service and spare parts for all European car models

The company accepts slightly used and used a/ms for realization or commission.

AMERIKAS AUTO offers not only slightly used cars, but also the latest car models before they have reached the European Union! 

AMERIKAS AUTO owner Aldis Sāmītis emphasizes: "Americans produce cars not only for driving, but also for comfort and convenience." This could be ascribed to the company's motto, since special attention is paid to the client at both stages: when a car or spare parts are purchased, as well as when servicing a car at the shop. A client is able to buy or order any necessary spare parts for American (New - as well as European) cars. Spare parts from the supplier in the America arrive within 14 days, and they are given a one-year warranty, if they are installed at AMERIKAS AUTO service shop. We remind you - these spare parts are intended for the North American market, where quality and safety standards are higher than in the European Union. 

AMERIKAS AUTO service is equipped with a brake stand electrodiagnostics equipment, auto lifts, as well as is able to perform tire mounting and balancing. We have the skilled craftsmen who provide high-quality car diagnostics, maintenance and repair custom for your car.


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